Laser services

We perform laser cutting of metal sheets by using cutting device “Amada FO 3015 NT 4kW“ for thin metal products with accuracy of +/- 0,01mm.



Coordinated punching

Using programme-coordinated punching press “Amada” we precisely punch parts of various shapes and model various indentations on metal with thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 3 mm, accuracy +/- 0.01mm.



Bending of steel

Our high precision computerised machines and employees with a great amount of experience guarantee high quality of our bended items. We bend items that are up to 2 m of length and 3 mm of thickness.



Turning, milling

We can offer turning and milling services of high quality.




We perform various metal construction welding tasks by using numerical welding equipment “Fronius”. We use various welding methods: TIG, semiautomatic, electrical, spot welding.



Powder coating

The factory has a professional “Gemos” powder coating line. Powder coating makes metal surface resistant to corrosion and to chemical effects of the environment, at the same time ensuring great exterior of the product for a long period of time.